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ERTW & My Birthday

2008-12-15 19:37:34 by Snow-Fox

Guess what is on the 22nd, like anyone knows or cares, but its my birthday ^^ I'm gunna be 19, so I can legally drink in Canada

I just finished the last of my exams for this term at University, (Just so people know, engineering is hard XD)

I might make another part for the zelda collab, but Im prolly gunna play some video games before I do. Mostly because I havent been able to use my consoles since August O.O

Here is another object I made in Solid Edge, we all love the companion Cube

you'll have to figure out what ERTW stands for ^^

ERTW & My Birthday


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2008-12-15 20:30:58



2008-12-15 22:13:50

I'm with you on the engineering part.

Snow-Fox responds:

Damn Right!


2008-12-15 22:28:19

PORTAL IS SO SHORT! 1200 microsoft points to waste. i had found the orange box at 15 bucks! stupid stupid me!


2008-12-15 22:57:40

Wow you're a fag.

Snow-Fox responds:

coming from a guy that named himself retardboy, it doesnt mean anything


2008-12-16 06:11:15

Happy Birthday in advance!


2008-12-16 08:11:02

I with you on teh Enginering. Im finishing the last of my exams here now

Snow-Fox responds:



2008-12-17 21:20:04

Engineering Really Thmells Weird. Also, happy birthday on the 22nd :D

Snow-Fox responds:

WRONCHI!?!?! ZOMG I gotta fight you on SSBB! I havent talked to you in ages O.O