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Severing Ties?

2009-02-20 02:22:58 by Snow-Fox

I dunno, I'm getting pretty sick of always coming back to this site....I love it, but at the same time it is the bane of my life. Lately I have been contemplating that I should just cut myself off from flash and this site for a while. I still have a little work to do on the Zelda Collab, but after that I think I might be finished. I seriously was so pumped to have joined the "what I've Done Collab" but lately it seems more like a chore than a fun project. Only like 15 seconds of animation to do, and I had a really good idea.

Another thing I am getting sick of is collabs. I've always had really bad luck with them. The first one I was in got cancelled. The second one was canceled ,then brought back and finished. Now I am still in the Zelda Collab, but I'm getting really irritated. Many parts are made with very little effort, which bugs me since I put quite a bit of effort into my part. Whatever I don't think I'll return to Newgrounds Collabs. Even the "What I've Done" Collab has really a lot of parts that seem to have no effort, which is bugging me a lot.

Along with that I was looking into the London Meet 4, which in my opinion looked to be way too many people. As well I saw a lot of animators from the pics, but I realized one thing.

I don't wanna be like ever.....

I don't mean the party atmosphere, I mean like lifestyle. I'd rather get away from the comp. I know I said before I was retiring from flash, but right now I think I will actually do that once again....After Zelda Collab

I also have been quite irritated with all the people I used to talk to from the flash community. During TSAH3 I used to talk to all of the members, and some others. As of late though I feel as though Im kinda separated from all of them. Like...Its not the same. I don't know if its just me being me, but I think I'm gunna start clearing my msn list, or facebook.

Also: I'm glad I didn't join the Street Fighter Collab, I really thought it was their worst idea yet.


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2009-02-20 02:33:38

Same, I'm lacking motivation. But when I think about it, I probably wouldn't' be doing anything productive if I wasn't doing Flash.
Oh well, good luck with that.


2009-03-07 22:53:02

How did the Street Fighter Collab turned to? Some days before i tried to found it, but nothing :-\

Snow-Fox responds:

its not out yet, we'll see how it turns out


2009-05-29 00:38:36

the flash scene is quite gay sometimes but it is still fun and lets you do a lot of stuff.

you have a lot of skill in this tough. Dont give up.

why dont you ORGANISE collabs and just invite dudes that you know will put effort into it


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