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The Zelda Collab is out!

2009-06-05 12:36:23 by Snow-Fox

Took us a year but it is finally out, so go check it out!


Now go watch it, and be sure to find all 4 hidden hearts!
Oh, and tell me what you think of it^^

The Zelda Collab is out!


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2009-06-05 14:21:33

Finally released! You animated the credits? You seem to taken a lot of time!


2009-06-05 22:13:53

yeah we dont have enough cartoons about zelda on newgrounds yet

Snow-Fox responds:

I agree!
*cough* sarcasm *cough*


2009-06-10 04:00:04

I loved your part (Number 8 I believe) and how you did the credits. Excellent job!


2009-06-22 17:59:49

We donĀ“t have enough COLLABS about Zelda.


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