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Flash Extra's Discussion

Posted by Snow-Fox - August 8th, 2009

Everyone should know what I'm talking about, easter eggs, bonus content and even commentaries. I love seeing these things in a lot of flashes that I watch, but do a lot of NG users also like seeing these sorts of things. I've usually always tried to make bonus content in any project I've worked on, but is it really worth it? It just seems like a lot of Newgrounds user watch the basic part of the flash, then toss it aside, which really kinda sucks.

There are quite a few different styles representing bonus content in flashes, hidden objects, titles in the books on shelves, a bonus content section, or written commentaries throughout the animation. I'm curious if a lot of Newgrounders even care for any of this? or if they do, which is their favourite?

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Sure it's fun, but I'm always too lazy to add that sort of thing.

And only about what, 50% of people who care to buy DVDs watch the special content.

I mean, the bonus content is bonus. You shouldn't really expect it to get THAT popular. It's something meant for the people who just want a little more or liked the project enough to care about it.

GO CANADA!! oh... easter eggs are my fav cause you gotta work to find them!.................or press the Tab button...

For me, I love seeing every kind of extra in any movie, but commentaries are my favorite.. As for what I do I mostly have easter eggs in my animations that are more like cameo appearances and other non-interactive items rather than having an interactive easter eggs. On occasion I will have some bonus content at the end of the animation like a delete scene or line.

What I want to do and I hope to see. Is a director's commentary that includes audio similar to the ones you see on DVDs that plays along with the movie.
It's interesting to read commentary in a movie like The Decline of Video Game and it's counterparts, but an audio version brings the commentary more to life and it's easier to explain more.

interesting idea, I'm actually wondering how that would be done right, like in terms of implementing it into flash....I can only think of having two symbols, one with regular audio, the second with the audio commentary. The other option would be to have the entire animation duplicated and use a different set of audio, which wouldn't be efficient

most of the times, when I have ever clicked stuff thats supossed to be "easter eggs" and "bonus" crap, 80% of the time, I see really crappy stuff. the whole point of a bonus is that it will ice the cake. the problem is most collabs I have seen (including our own zelda collab :U) have easter eggs that are not really bonuses, its just a couple more bits in our way, I have been in many collabs where the scenes and shit that got cut become easter eggs, and they dont really add more charm or quality into the movie so.... yeh I think you get me

some other movies have realy good easter eggs but I cant think of any good example at the mo

my games are full of this crap, mostly cos I get bored while makin em.

loved tsah3 part you did and i effing hated having to use a hornet one time i ditched boarded a banshee and then was promptly blown up by one of my allies using tracking rockets on my banshee