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2009-09-04 17:33:05 by Snow-Fox

Hey guys, I was looking throughout Newgrounds and noticed some traits of the flash review system that I would want to see people's opinions about the matter.

Reviews that give a perfect score:

Does anyone actually read these? They usually are just stupid, poorly written and don't contribute anything that helps in any way. I actually just scroll past all the 10's till I find a 9 or lower because I just feel like reading perfects are just a waste of time.

Finding out your "Fanbase" from reading the reviews

Reviews say so much, even looking at the "perfects" I can tell who is enjoying my cartoons. It's either exactly the target audience that you expected, or somehow completely different. So the real question is, do you care what your audience is? Are you ashamed, or proud of how you made people laughed/cried/whatnot?

The Dreaded/Delightful Long Review

I usually always read these long reviews, and you guys know what I'm talking about. These things can go either way, it can be one of your favourite reviews, or the most retardedly opinionated, monotonous piece of crap. Some of the times, it makes me wonder why these people write so long of reviews....soo.... Do you guys read these long reviews?

The "Expert" reviews

By "experts" I obviously mean the people who have no experience in making cartoons, and they point out any small flaw that you make while animating/drawing. I love reading these sometimes just because they are really funny people. Who will ever take these guys seriously if they have no experience and they have horrible generic names?


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2009-09-04 17:38:25

lol so true. I also love when a somewhat famous artist reviews and then all the reviews afterward shift to follow his opinion.


2009-09-04 17:38:44

I read all reviews regardless of how stupid they are.


2009-09-04 17:48:29

nice work man


2009-09-04 18:15:21

I think the usefull/useless things you can mark on other people's reviews is sometimes very nazi. If I hate a perfectly hateable flash movie that other idiots think is cool, they mark my review as useless and it gets removed. That is not freedom of speech. It's not right, because I do not write stupidly or without any pointers on how to improve. This option should be removed for somthing better, like giving the job of deleting those reviews to someone else than a bot. I know thats a lot of work but the current system is bluntly nazi.


2009-09-04 18:44:06

I've only submitted 3 Flash movies, but got a great deal of feedback on them.
As a noob, I am delighted that anyone even bothers.

PERFECT SCORES - these do get boring. But I try to see it this way - the person is not particularly intellectual, but wanted to let me know that I made them smile. That's a pretty cool feeling.

FANBASE - I guess I don't really care. I haven't even gotten to the point where I'm making stories to satisfy my own needs, just practicing. So if anyone actually enjoys my experiments - Yippee!

LONG REVIEWS - Favorite kind of review, unless it is really nonsensical (haven't gotten many of those yet). I've gotten both favorable and unfavorable long reviews and it's usually very interesting to have someone devote so much energy to critiquing something I did - as if it makes a difference. Of course my main claim to fame right now is a very vulgar cartoon, so it is fascinating to read reviews from people who don't "get it".

"EXPERT" - I haven't seen too many of these either, though I understand what you mean. I do feel I've gotten some downright nasty reviews that proclaim that my animation skills "suck" or what have you - and that is an outright lie (if I do say so myself).

Well, that's my two cents.


2009-09-04 18:44:31

I read them all, but I'll take one well thought out review over ten "OMG THIS IS EPIC" reviews. Not to say I don't like the perfect scores, but they don't mean much if there isn't any explanation of why they gave a 10.

As for the extremely negative reviews, they're pretty funny. As long as I don't have an abundance of them, it's always great to hear someone who absolutely hated the movie - yet took the time to watch the whole thing, and spend another 5 minutes writing a review. Ahhhh, good stuff.


2009-09-04 20:57:24

each time I read my movie reviews I do It starting from the lowest scoring ones because most of the time they are the only ones that are meaningful

for better or worse.

even if an asshole just wrote a text of wall telling you that youre gay and you suck shit + critique of the movie, well. that asshole took a few seconds of his life to tell you so so yo might as well hear im!


2009-10-19 19:00:26

You forgot one:

Frenemy reviews
When some wierd guy from High School stalks you (can I stress the creepyness?) across the interweb, commenting on your flash videos and games right as they come out.


2010-03-31 19:13:10

Hey now. I don't claim to be an expert on animation. Hell, I don't even know how to make one. I just base the review off my own opinion. stupid, i know but then what are reviews? if i like it, i will offer any criticism to help the person improve. If i don't like it, i probably won't try to give amateurish advise. I only know how to draw, but not original art. Call me a copycat if you will.


2010-06-11 23:46:27

yeah, i never read any of the reviews above 6 points :P