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Games vs Movies

2010-07-05 17:02:11 by Snow-Fox

What do you go to Newgrounds for?

I go for the movies, but it seems like the site is heading more towards games. That's fine to me, mostly because I'm done making flash movies. Still switching games to the top of the page, AND having a featured game ad at the top...

There is only one thing to say: Fuck you Newgrounds


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2010-07-05 17:04:04

u mad son?


2010-07-05 17:04:10

Flash games make a ton more money, what do you expect?

I still hope newgrounds never drops its attention from movies completely, it's really the only place where animators can share their work.


2010-07-05 17:33:18

Maybe you should submit your work to other flash movie sites instead.


2010-07-05 17:34:06

still toms site he can do whatever he want to this


2010-07-05 17:34:21

also u mad?


2010-07-05 17:46:28

i liked when movies were on top better...mostly probly cuz i dont make games. :(

Snow-Fox responds:

That's why I'm completely bias ^^


2010-07-05 18:03:36

so Newgrounds changes its layout just a little bit and you tell them "fuck you"?

Aren't you supposed to be 20?

Snow-Fox responds:

1. Its more about the slight layout change, its mostly to do with newgrounds losing what made it great. This place was great when there was an uneven balance between movies and games, there was a mash up of games and movies in the same place. Now there is a separation and division between the two, which has escalated into favoritism towards games. Its annoying and I wish it would go back to the way it was.
2. I am 20, but that doesn't mean I have to be mature about this. while I don't like what tom has been doing to the site as of late, it is his site. I am however expressing my distaste for his recent additions and changes.
3. I am completely bias, since I made flash movies before.


2010-07-05 18:11:52

Its just the LAYOUT...
even if i liked the one before more, but, whatever..


2010-07-05 18:17:52

Wow. A lot of people are overreacting about this. And to think Tom only did this as an experiment to see how people would react. 179371


2010-07-05 18:21:16

All things eventually wither and die. Games make money. Servers cost money. Salaries cost money. The only reason I don't like it is because the games are already few and far between being amateur anymore. The majority are site sponsored development companies. That's just my inner art fag talking. But trust me, you think Mr. Fulp wants to start working for someone else because he held true to supporting amateur artists and the site lost all his munnies? Heck no. When you keep staring at the bottom line on that spreadsheet, convictions start becoming blurry. This has been a long slow process, bit by bit newgrounds has become a profit center, just like every other business :(

Snow-Fox responds:

quite correct, but newgrounds is just gonna become another flash games site if it keeps running on a "business" model to achieve the most profit.


2010-07-05 18:35:10

Just...relax, its not the end of the world and it was just a test. I'm sure the redesign will completely change everything for the better.


2010-07-05 19:54:53

I don't like it either ):
In my opinion, NewGrounds is the greatest website for hosting animations. There isn't anything like it.
I know this is just some kind of "experiment," but putting the games on top of the movies just makes NewGrounds seem more like one of the hundreds of Flash game websites, and not so much an artistic, creative community.


2010-07-05 20:18:25

The games are garbage. I mean really, Mario Crossover was made months ago. They should just go ahead and have featured series up at the top and slap portal 06 and awesome series up there.

stupid stupid, fuck art games, movies are supposed to be a the top, I don't wana be around some games first site


2010-07-05 20:46:38

Hey man, I totally agree!! There sponsoring games way too much now!


2010-07-05 21:21:42

lets really screw with people and put art on top and double its size :D


2010-07-05 21:35:24

i dont like ur flash anyway and for that your opinion doesn't matter.

Snow-Fox responds:

making bad movies > don't have any movies


2010-07-05 23:00:41

I haven't really noticed a change until now, but I guess your right. Still 'F--- you Newgrounds', isn't a very grownup way of expressing your opinion.


2010-07-06 07:40:36

U mad?


2010-07-06 10:54:06

Heh guess what, running a site ain't free. Movies don't bring that much views, so it doesn't bring enough money to keep the site running. Games, on the other side, are profitable and bring many viewers. Games are currently keeping newgrounds from bankrupt. So its just normal they take a little more room than before, since there is an economical crisis and etc...

Stop complaining and try to understand what you are talking about before making a fool of yourself.

Snow-Fox responds:

I do understand what I'm talking about, and hiding behind the "economic recession" is a bullshit cop out.


2010-07-06 16:37:47

It was initially made more for games than movies. Also, sometimes featured stuff has movies (rarely, but it does - Links barrel beat for example). I go here for both. But when games seem to have more and more original concept, movies go down to mostly parodies and comedies. Also, this layout change makes little diffirence. Good movies will still be noticed and bad games will still stay hidden.


2010-07-28 21:43:12