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2008-11-30 17:32:36 by Snow-Fox

I totally got bored yesterday and made Wall e, using one of the engineering programs I got Called Solid Edge

too bad I cant add colours >.>

Tell me what you think, XD


Castle Crashers!

2008-08-29 01:05:54 by Snow-Fox

-Spoiler alert!-

I got the game on wednesday morning upon waking up, and I just loved it. I saw a review for it on Gametrailers and I was really pissed, they gave the game a 7.9 out of ten, yet the announcer never said anything bad about the game.

I also finally finished the game, but its not how you think I would. I was out with my friends, and I came back home to find my brother and his friends beating the game, second last level. I wanted to join so, they let me in, but someone was using my profile >.>

So I had to use another profile and start with level one XD at the second last level. Them being level 24-28 XD. So In the final battle I was the medic, I ran around smashing up everything I could with my weak attacks. After spending like 20 mins on the final boss, I took one lucky double jump slash thingy, and got one hit damage, and he fell over dead XD

Oh! and Congrats on Luis being in the credits ^^ Way to go Luis!
(I barely payed attention, but the name caught my eye)

After credits, I ran away from the other three players, and eventually was caught and killed in a small combo attack by one of them XD

I must say, It was a fun game ^^ and there were some parts that I thought for sure were references to newgrounds, like the pink unicorn (Had to be penicorn in disguise) and the clown (I almost pissed my pants at that) and of course alien hominid (it kinda sucked he couldn't use any different weopon though) Also along a few of the walls in lava land there was someone turned to sone in the rocks, it looked a lot like gerkinman ( just add green hair XD)

overall a great game. If you don't have it, get it (its much better than braid, and bionic commando (I know I bought all three games))

I'm leaving NG for a while. Not because I am mad at Newgrounds, but because I am going off to University in a few weeks and will not have the time to make cartoons. I love newgrounds, so if next year I am up for animating I will prolly try to get a cartoon or two released.

Since I am really sick of animating at the moment though, the Collab that I kinda joined (Didnt officially join but my friend put me down for a part) I will be quitting.

Here is a comic about how Newgrounds loses most of its new Animators XD

Here is a Non-Shrunk version

How Newgrounds Looses A Lot of Animators

Thats right! Plain out right Cancelled! The truth behind this group was that no one seemed to do anything >.> Dim was working hard at his flash games, and talked to us sparingly, So no one really seemed to want to work. I figured once comic con was over he would be done with his flash game whatnot and the group would be hard at work. Oh well! What can ya do XD Hans, dan and Dim decided while at comic con that it was not in their best interests to work on TSAH3, meanwhile wronchi just never opens flash XD

I'm Gunna submit my part on my own in a few weeks, its about 2 mins now and another 20-30 seconds are left for me to animate. I am also looking for some people who want to beta test for me, 'cause I always fuck up when I release a movie XD

As for other flash plans, there might be one more movie I will crank out before I go to University. Which would be a conclusion to my widely Unknown Halloween series XD

So before I start rambling, which I might have already done, I wanna shout out for Hans, Dan, Dim and Wronchi! Because they are some pretty cool people, albeit lazy at times XD

The TSAH3 Team dynamic!

2008-07-20 20:47:39 by Snow-Fox

It speaks the Truth!

The TSAH3 Team dynamic!

MGS Collab out ^^

2008-07-05 19:20:13 by Snow-Fox

My part is scene 37 ^^

Here it is!

some of them are soo amazing! I'd say stamper's prolly made me break out laughing the most- um and finally!

Mike here ^_^

I'm wondering what newgrounders would think of a collab idea I have thought about in the past, but the reason I never started it is because it would need a lot of support to even get off the ground and would also need a choice of a song.

So here goes my collab idea:

There would be two parts to the collab. One part being that everyone sings to a certain song, sends in the audio clip, then either the collab host or some audio mastermind puts them together in an orgy of horrible singing. (remember this would prolly be a song that is either horrible, or just funny to hear as a karaoke)

Part Two would be the assigning of the parts of the song, and the animating of those parts! Pretty straight forward there.

So ya, I found my idea hilarious, but what do ya think?

if ya do like it, leave a comment saying which song you would think would be best for this idea. If I do get enough support for this, I will either turn it into a collab, or just throw the idea away anyways XD

Now onto TSAH3 News!

I am on the verge of completing 1 min of animation for my part. All my drawing is done (except minor effects) and I expect to get my part done really really soon. I won't give a date I'm gunning for but that is because my work sucks!

Here's a pic of one of the backgrounds i drew up, Comment on it!

(also, I'm sure I'm going to bug dim by having all my backgrounds as images, because if they were the actual files, the thing would crash XD)

Mike out!

Newgrounds Karaoke Collab? & TSAH3 News!

Flash Stuff & TSAH Stuff

2008-05-30 15:15:01 by Snow-Fox

Well Mike here once again ^^

I finished one of my old cartoons, but I'm not sure if I wanna submit it to NG, If you guys and gals wanna check it out, the link is below. Just leave a comment if you think it should go to the portal! (its
extremely short, so don't bother complaining about that XD)


I also did a part for the MGS part, lets hope I got in! I can't wait till its out!

In the TSAH news catagory, there isnt much to report on. Sadly enough everyone is doing their own projects at the moment, so their all quite busy >.> but I have started animating ^^

I've been in quite the Flash rut, so lets see if you guys can help me get over this crap, also below is a background for my part for TSAH, so lets see people top the amount of detail I'm putting into it!
(I'm looking at you Danomano, i expect yours to be above my detail because of your model)

Mike Out!

Flash Stuff & TSAH Stuff

Well Mike here to talk to all you newgrounders ^^ Got some news so I'm here to tell you about it.

I'm in a collab that is finally releasing today, its pretty sick so go check it out ^^


In TSAH news, we've all been working project a little, and I've got some news to speak of ^^. We have all chosen which levels we are parodying. Its pretty well-rounded in selection. I wont tell you what levels everyone is parodying, but I am confirming that I am parodying the level "The Covenant."

I have also taken down my blog link for a website and replaced it with my deviant art page. Mostly because I was going way too into my part and revealing some jokes. So check out my deviantart if you havent already, it reveals a little bit about failed projects I wished to do.

Also I am here to announce that I have plans on my next flash before i go off to University: "Mike's Manifesto" It will be a series of shorts from failed projects in the past. So it will be the best ideas from all my old cartoons, with none of the crap in between

Also, here is a screenshot as a teaser for my TSAH part

Funny Little Feeling Collab, and TSAH News


2007-12-31 11:48:20 by Snow-Fox

Hey everyone, well it was just announced that I'm gunna be in TSAH 3! I'm surprised, and I'm guessing all of you are like who is this guy? Im hoping to get the mission "the covenant" and parody that one, its my favourite. I dont know if I will do that mission, because I still need to talk to two of the members of TSAH 3.

In other news, Im doing the menu, author bios and part 18 in the FLF Collab. Its gunna be a pretty sick collab, and i really need to finish my work on it.

I should prolly add my flash blog, as my website, but Im way to lazy


EDIT: fine here's my model ^^