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Starting Halloween Cartoon ^^

2007-09-09 13:16:59 by Snow-Fox

about 3 months ago, I remembered how much I loved my "A Dismal Halloween" even though it was plagued with horrible production. I had to get the audio over msn, and all of the animation was done in one week. so now I'm working with Fareru again for the script for "A dismal Halloween 2" ^^

I'm bringing back a lot of the elements of the old cartoon, with way more improved graphics. We're also planning on actually introducing the characters rather than just having them there.

In other news, I'm making my own website and helping out someone with redesigning theirs, and im hoping my site to go up before halloween. It should be quite awesome. so heres some a teaser of how the graphics have improved, just gotta make the atmosphere more creepy to suite halloween

Starting Halloween Cartoon ^^

site update & cartoon news ^^

2007-07-18 14:22:19 by Snow-Fox

well, just updated my profile, ^^ I'm planning on getting my fav list set up again. That image i have at the side, i love it so. It perfectly shows me having fun on DDR, how frankie thinks its retarded, how Murray loves DDR as well and Cringlez confusion all the time

----cartoon news----

-twilight princess parody, has a name, menu, script, and the preloader is being built. I love how cool the preloader will look, its that giant black slab thingy from the desert temple, and it glows to show how the movie is loading ^^. As for the animation, I'm coming along quite well, still working on the first skit out of the three XD. Oh well it takes time to animate something good

-speaking of taking time to animate something good, the Blamformers collab just came out yesterday, entry ^^. hurray right? not so much XD My part is sub par to most of them, and I dont think mine is funny, that just might be from me taking the time to animate it, and finding the joke worn out...So Im happy i got in ^^ but i wish i redid the voices XD