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Games vs Movies

2010-07-05 17:02:11 by Snow-Fox

What do you go to Newgrounds for?

I go for the movies, but it seems like the site is heading more towards games. That's fine to me, mostly because I'm done making flash movies. Still switching games to the top of the page, AND having a featured game ad at the top...

There is only one thing to say: Fuck you Newgrounds

Flash Review Discussion

2009-09-04 17:33:05 by Snow-Fox

Hey guys, I was looking throughout Newgrounds and noticed some traits of the flash review system that I would want to see people's opinions about the matter.

Reviews that give a perfect score:

Does anyone actually read these? They usually are just stupid, poorly written and don't contribute anything that helps in any way. I actually just scroll past all the 10's till I find a 9 or lower because I just feel like reading perfects are just a waste of time.

Finding out your "Fanbase" from reading the reviews

Reviews say so much, even looking at the "perfects" I can tell who is enjoying my cartoons. It's either exactly the target audience that you expected, or somehow completely different. So the real question is, do you care what your audience is? Are you ashamed, or proud of how you made people laughed/cried/whatnot?

The Dreaded/Delightful Long Review

I usually always read these long reviews, and you guys know what I'm talking about. These things can go either way, it can be one of your favourite reviews, or the most retardedly opinionated, monotonous piece of crap. Some of the times, it makes me wonder why these people write so long of reviews....soo.... Do you guys read these long reviews?

The "Expert" reviews

By "experts" I obviously mean the people who have no experience in making cartoons, and they point out any small flaw that you make while animating/drawing. I love reading these sometimes just because they are really funny people. Who will ever take these guys seriously if they have no experience and they have horrible generic names?

Flash Extra's Discussion

2009-08-08 17:28:44 by Snow-Fox

Everyone should know what I'm talking about, easter eggs, bonus content and even commentaries. I love seeing these things in a lot of flashes that I watch, but do a lot of NG users also like seeing these sorts of things. I've usually always tried to make bonus content in any project I've worked on, but is it really worth it? It just seems like a lot of Newgrounds user watch the basic part of the flash, then toss it aside, which really kinda sucks.

There are quite a few different styles representing bonus content in flashes, hidden objects, titles in the books on shelves, a bonus content section, or written commentaries throughout the animation. I'm curious if a lot of Newgrounders even care for any of this? or if they do, which is their favourite?

Bow To Captain Canada!

2009-06-30 19:56:28 by Snow-Fox

Well tomorrow is Canada Day, and I shall be off to the park to see some kickass fireworks! My Friend decided to show his patriotism for our great country of Canada, at the bottom is the result.

So I wish you guys an amazing Canada Day celebrations!
~EDIT~ Pic removed upon request

The Zelda Collab is out!

2009-06-05 12:36:23 by Snow-Fox

Took us a year but it is finally out, so go check it out!


Now go watch it, and be sure to find all 4 hidden hearts!
Oh, and tell me what you think of it^^

The Zelda Collab is out!

The Zelda Collab

2009-06-05 03:57:50 by Snow-Fox

Finally done

Severing Ties?

2009-02-20 02:22:58 by Snow-Fox

I dunno, I'm getting pretty sick of always coming back to this site....I love it, but at the same time it is the bane of my life. Lately I have been contemplating that I should just cut myself off from flash and this site for a while. I still have a little work to do on the Zelda Collab, but after that I think I might be finished. I seriously was so pumped to have joined the "what I've Done Collab" but lately it seems more like a chore than a fun project. Only like 15 seconds of animation to do, and I had a really good idea.

Another thing I am getting sick of is collabs. I've always had really bad luck with them. The first one I was in got cancelled. The second one was canceled ,then brought back and finished. Now I am still in the Zelda Collab, but I'm getting really irritated. Many parts are made with very little effort, which bugs me since I put quite a bit of effort into my part. Whatever I don't think I'll return to Newgrounds Collabs. Even the "What I've Done" Collab has really a lot of parts that seem to have no effort, which is bugging me a lot.

Along with that I was looking into the London Meet 4, which in my opinion looked to be way too many people. As well I saw a lot of animators from the pics, but I realized one thing.

I don't wanna be like ever.....

I don't mean the party atmosphere, I mean like lifestyle. I'd rather get away from the comp. I know I said before I was retiring from flash, but right now I think I will actually do that once again....After Zelda Collab

I also have been quite irritated with all the people I used to talk to from the flash community. During TSAH3 I used to talk to all of the members, and some others. As of late though I feel as though Im kinda separated from all of them. Like...Its not the same. I don't know if its just me being me, but I think I'm gunna start clearing my msn list, or facebook.

Also: I'm glad I didn't join the Street Fighter Collab, I really thought it was their worst idea yet.

Do ya know what I'm sick of?

2009-01-28 01:56:57 by Snow-Fox

Mother fucking losers that pump up their score so that they can seem like their cartoons matter, or because they believe they're cartoons should have a better ranking than others. For example, someone's cartoon (I wont mention who) they had a pretty crappy animation, made last year, and it had a score of 4.22 or something....It wasn't funny, it wasnt drawn or animated well and it wasn't submitted on clock day. Only had 1000 views, and 300 votes, so from I gather, they got the 200 votes, got around a 3.8. but that wasnt good enough. 100, five votes would bring it up quite a bit.

Hell, in some small way I'm guilty of this too. I'm not pumping up the score of the collaboration I was in, but the score is rising for no apparent reason. It might be paranoia but I am sick of stupid people trying to prove that their cartoon is better than others, by some menial score that they made themselves happen.

When I released most of my cartoons I fucked up bad on many of my cartoons release dates. I would fix the problem and see how people would change their vote. No resubmitting as a result of my retardedness. Just a few weeks ago, I saw some jackass release a shitty intro of traced images, no prob just voted what I thought it was worth (2). The next day I come back to the portal, and the same submission is there again in the portal, no change, no alterations. Its the exact cartoon intro posted a day earlier. And do ya know what? people fell for it, and voted better on the cartoon. Slightly better, but still better.

This is why I hate when people waive around their petty Batting Average, saying that, that value shows how amazing they are. I usually check to see how "grand" these people are, and its so very obvious when they pump up their score. The sad part is, they will eventually regret pumping up their score because it stops them from growing as an artist or animator.

On a lighter note: Give a big congradulations to Oney for getting nominated for best cartoon ^^

2008 Retrospective

2009-01-02 01:46:38 by Snow-Fox

At the start of 2008 I was informed that I was in TSAH3, being the big flash nerd I am, that was huge news. I first added dim on MSN and questioned whether I was actually in TSAH3. After finally confirming that I was in TSAH3 and that It wasnt an elaborate prank to annoy newbz, I started adding all the other members to msn.

After talking to the other members of TSAH3 and figuring out the script, I started working on character models. Very suddenly the collab that I had participated in a while back suddenly started up once again. After hearing some of the ideas for the menu, I jumped in to make the menu. After finishing the menu, I started putting all the pieces together and finally submitted the collaboration ^^

After working more on TSAH3 stuff, I was searching through my old files because I was tired at looking at anything halo. I came across an old project that I had cancelled quite a while ago. I looked over what I had already finished and realized that I could get it done quickly and call the project finished. So I fixed my preloader, finished the second scene I had started, and put it all together. After realizing that the last two scenes I wrote were terrible, I said I was done. The project was completed in my eyes, so I sent that into Newgrounds. It didn't get that great of a reaction when it was released, not really surprising because it was cut short.

After the zelda cartoon, I decided to work more on TSAH3, at this point none of the group other than me. Dim didn't seem that interested in the project, and didn't take any interest in how far I was progressing. As I continued working on the project, I was getting sick of being the only one that was still doing anything. As Comic-Con approached I hoped that the group getting together would cause some sort of boost in morale for the project. Funnily enough it went the other way, and three of the members quit XD. At that point I was about 80% finished and extremely sad about the outcome of TSAH3. Hans told me to finish my part and submit it as a single movie. I did, and was laughing my ass off at how some people thought I had stolen the TSAH name, and that TSAH3 was still on its way. I kindly enough not to slap them across their retarded faces.

A few days after TSAH3 was frontpage'd I took my friend Frankie out to Dairy Queen for his birthday. On the way back I was turning left and another car smashed right into my car. By law I was wrong, which is true, even though she went speeding through the intersection without looking. I got a ticket from the police officer saying I was charged with careless driving. Shocked, because I looked in the intersection (there was no way to see the car >.>) I fought the charge, and lowered it to improper left.

At this point I had also joined The Zelda Collab, because one of my best friends from my town ran the collab. I originally joined under a fake account, in order to cause some fun chaos. After the collab started going to hell, I gave up and revealed myself. I finished my part for it, and then I stopped animating. I had all these different ideas all over the summer but with school coming up in september I told Newgrounds that I had quit animation for a while and that I was leaving newgrounds.

University was amazing, some classes were boring, but the tests were extremely hard. Towards the end of the semester I finally got my footing in University and stopped fucking up on every single thing I did. I passed all my courses (that I didnt drop) and got back from University to my hometown.

Unfortunatly my bad car accident had caught up to me once again, I got a letter from the ministry of transport saying that my drivers licence is suspended. Confused I found out that the court I went to forgot to fax the change in the charge, so apparently I missed a 6 point demerit point interview, and that was why my drivers licence got suspended. I called the courts and got them to fax the information, and I'm still waiting for the ministry of transport to un-suspend my licence

So, in summary I:

-Got accepted into TSAH3
-Got to meet a lot of cool people of TSAH3 team
-Finished the FLF Collab
-Finished my Twilight princess cartoon
-TSAH3 got cancelled
-Submitted my TSAH3 part to newgrounds
-Got Front paged for TSAH3: The Covenant
-Got in a car accident
-Got charged with careless driving, lowered it to improper left
-Made a part for The Zelda Collab
-Went off to University
-Got kicked out of my first Lab
-Got my license suspended
-Me & a bunch of Friends ate 31 pounds of wings at an all you can eat wing night
-Got drunk for New years ^^

I also wanna give a shout out to all the cool people I got to talk to:

Hans Van Harken

ERTW & My Birthday

2008-12-15 19:37:34 by Snow-Fox

Guess what is on the 22nd, like anyone knows or cares, but its my birthday ^^ I'm gunna be 19, so I can legally drink in Canada

I just finished the last of my exams for this term at University, (Just so people know, engineering is hard XD)

I might make another part for the zelda collab, but Im prolly gunna play some video games before I do. Mostly because I havent been able to use my consoles since August O.O

Here is another object I made in Solid Edge, we all love the companion Cube

you'll have to figure out what ERTW stands for ^^

ERTW & My Birthday